Your aesthetics training journey begins here

ALITA’s curriculum encompasses a diverse range of courses, including VTCT certifications, laser treatments, advanced skincare techniques, and business management skills.
Accredited by
Access to Aesthetic Therapies Course
Level 3
VTCT (ITEC) Level 3 BT3C10 – Certificate in Access to Aesthetic Therapies


Skin Needling with VTCT Level 4 BT4A2
Level 4
VTCT (ITEC) Level 4 BT4A2 – Award in Skin Needling


Level 4
VTCT (ITEC) Level 4 BT4A6 – Award in Radio Frequency


Master Skin Peeling with VTCT Level 4 BT4A7
Level 4
VTCT (ITEC) Level 4 BT4A7 – Award in Skin Peeling


Master Ultrasound
Level 4
VTCT (ITEC) Level 4 BT4A8 – Award in Ultrasound


Master Laser Tattoo Removal with VTCT Level 5 BT5C2
Level 5
VTCT (ITEC) Level 5 BT5C2 – Certificate in Laser Tattoo Removal


Who are we?

ALITA emerges as the natural progression for Aesthetics Lab, the renowned London medispas, to extend its expertise and provide comprehensive training and education in the dynamic field of aesthetics. With a solid foundation built on excellence in skincare and aesthetic treatments, Aesthetics Lab is uniquely positioned to offer aspiring individuals unparalleled opportunities to pursue rewarding careers in the aesthetic industry.
ALITA leverages its close affiliation with Aesthetics Lab Medispa to offer students unique opportunities for practical experience and mentorship under the guidance of seasoned professionals. This synergy between education and practice ensures that graduates not only possess theoretical knowledge but also have the practical expertise and industry insights necessary to succeed in their careers.

Testimonials From Our Students

“It has been a wonderful experience overall,I’m on my third treatment and can confidently say it has changed my life in many ways. A big thank you to all the staff and especially Carolyn who has just been amazing and made me feel at ease. No pain at all”
Oliva Johnson